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Here’s where we begin.


Like early episodes of Seinfeld or The Simpsons, I expect this site to evolve.  It is raspy and as-of-yet unformed, still searching out what it is supposed to be.  For now it will be some hybrid of fiction, poetry, memoir, journal, rantings and hopefully amusing insights.  I waver between writing bits of novels for middle grade, young adult and new adult audiences, plus confessional pieces for whomever might give them a look. Sometimes they make me shudder.  Sometimes my jaw drops.  I am pretentious.  I am on-the-money. I am having fun.

I wanted to create a writer’s site that is full of writing, not about writing. I don’t want to talk about writing.  I don’t even feel qualified to write about writing.  I just want to write.

I want to write not that which is assigned to me, or what the market is calling for, or what the laws of propriety tell me I’m supposed to … but for once, in a single unbroken hallowed place, I want to write exactly what I feel like writing.  The idea is to recreate the moments and sights and relationships that excite me, or excite my memory.  I want to entertain, first and foremost, myself. And with a lucky swipe of the finger from God and the Universe, hopefully, someone else out there will recognize a miniscule spark of something that is meaningful to them, and my whole life will be worth it.

We used to call this journaling. I was a once a devout journal keeper. Now I invite you into the narrative, via blogs, stories, poems and other works.  I hope you find something valuable along the way.

To borrow from my professional life as a public relations consultant, here is the Call-to-Action:  

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Thanks for your attention, friends.


“…However now I am now going
to write a swell novel…
will not talk about it on acct.
of the greater ease of talking about
it than writing it…”


Ernest Hemingway, Selected Letters
To F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1927

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