The “Running Wild” Podcast

The Running Wild Podcast

Hey there, friends! As of March 15, the “Running Wild Anthology of Stories” Volume 2 is available from Running Wild Press, including my short story, “Dawning.” Here’s a podcast that contributor Tone Milazzo recorded with me, plus interviews with other authors from this varied and captivating collection. Kudos to editor Lisa Diane Kastner for capturing such an emotional range in these stories.

“Dawning” is a wry but gritty story of a recent college grad in New York City, poised between her former life of parties and free-wheeling personal adventure and the more self-respecting prospect of a promising–and drama-free–career.

Some words about the anthology:

This diverse collection features more than 20 short works by authors from across North America, in genres including speculative fiction, mystery, women’s fiction, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Editor Lisa Kastner’s objective was to give voice to the eclectic imaginations of authors whose work transcends the rules of typical genre fiction, including tinkering with forms and cross-pollinating genres. The anthology was designed to free the reader from typical “in-the-box” novel formats, providing a literary experience in a more urgent, concise, and versatile framework. Published by Running Wild Press, 2018.



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For National Kissing Day

For National Kissing Day

Okay, my second black-and-white-photography-laden, romantic post in a row, but so be it. This is absolutely adorable.  I believe it was originally a jeans commercial, but look what they created:  They paired up a bunch of strangers and asked them to kiss.  I dare you not to get irresistible little chills before the end:

I’ll go go back to this video whenever I write characters who are falling for each other.  Because there is nothing like that moment.  And let’s face it: You only get so many of these in your life.

In Stephen King’s Christine, he described it as that roller coaster, “the one that’s the best ride, the one they really only let you take once.”

I can say I was allowed on that coaster more than once.  But you only get so many.