Happiness and Age As A Choice

Revisiting a moment from last year’s blog:

Things I’m happy to be too old for:

– Skinny jeans
– The terms “BAE” and “Fleek”
– Breaking up with someone on Facebook
– Men with more expensive earrings than me
– “Teen Mom”
– Smart cars
– Music videos with naked people in them
– Fake eyelashes
– Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber
– Swiping left
– Ridiculously padded undergarments

Things I’m sad to be too old for:

– American Idol auditions
– Noah Syndergaard
– My size 3 black corduroys from 1987
– Making my kids’ Halloween costumes
– Ditto their birthday party favors
– Slam dancing
– A cute little two-piece swim suit
– Spiked heel platforms
– Summer break
– Day camp
– Bowie’s next birthday celebration

Things I’ll never be too old for:

– Harry Potter
– Disney parks
– The swingset in my backyard
– Chocolate anything
– Star Wars toys
– Perfume that smells like lemons
– Tossing my hair
– Eating only the frosting off the cupcake
– Clearasil, apparently
– Pink lip gloss
– Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
– Talking baby talk to the cats
– The Flintstones
– Dr. Seuss

An Enterprising Model

Did I mention I’m a Star Trek Geek?trek

Yes, my brother and I are both Star Trek Geeks, growing up with the same original toys that Sheldon and Leonard now fight over on “The Big Bang Theory.”  I therefore can’t help feeling a sense of ownership over the series—both Trek and Big Bang— having played with the now-vintage toys first-hand.

Note that my brother was a bit of a comedian, and my favorite memory of playing with his Star Trek Enterprise playset was the day he pretended that Kirk got gassed out in the transporter chamber by noxious farts.

We were young.

Upon seeing Sheldon on Big Bang playing with that authentic 1970s transporter chamber, which was basically a card board and vinyl-covered box with a psychedelic spinning panel, the moment came right back to me:  Jimmy making Kirk pass out in the transporter chamber.


Jim is now an Emmy winning cameraman.  Last month, he built a two-foot long model of the Enterprise, coincidentally finishing it on the day Leonard Nimoy died.  He was so excited about the results of his handiwork, he filmed it with his professional camera equipment.

To check out a link, click on the below image:


I can almost see little Red Shirts in there.

Do you love it?  

And if you are a true die-hard, sign up for the newsletter at startrek.com, which has some pretty cool merchandise for sale.