Here’s my gorgeous mother.mother029

I’ve had a secret that has sustained me for years, knowing that I’d be able to fake my way through being young longer than anyone has the right to. I always knew I’d have this extra time. Because many of the women in my family (well, the men, too, but especially the women) age V E R Y… S L O W L Y.

This is my mother, who when I went away to college, had a smaller waist than I did (and I was tiny!). This is a woman who squirted me and my brother with whipped cream one day when we wouldn’t shut up. This is the woman who my first date asked out before asking me out. (Why did she let me go out with that guy?) This is the woman who is so excited that they are bringing back the X-Files that she has the TV Guide article about it taped to the wall in the guest room at her home in a 55+ community.
And just so you know, MY GRANDMOTHER was on a tap-dancing squad at the age of 70-something.

Bless them both; I always knew I’d have extra time to still be young.mom m

And have you met my mother-in-law, who retired to a four-bedroom home in the Poconos big enough to fit all of us? On purpose.  She was going to open a bed-and-breakfast, but decided instead just to cater to us. And ten grandchildren.

Read this story about her that I pitched to Child magazine approx. 15 years ago; it kinda says it all. They were looking for a story on long distance grandparent relationships. My kids and all my nieces and nephews are in this piece, some of whom are in college now, or going this fall. The magazine sent a photographer up to the house in the Poconos, which we all called Peachtree. Grea_grandparents_two_pix1at stuff.

Note this article included a preamble by PENELOPE FREAKING LEACH.  She is listed now as the author of the article, but that’s wrong.  It was written by a staff editor; I spoke to the writer personally.  The introduction by Penelope Leach does not actually appear in this online version.  It was marvelous, however.


So, about your mom? … let’s hear it.

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